Hygen +


XL techniques offers you a cost-effective and carbon-friendly CNG refuelling solution, the Hygen +. Easy to use, it connects to your own natural gas network, requiring little infrastructure work. 

It is a new alternative for users wishing to switch to renewable gas / biogas. 

The flexibility of the system means that it can be used in a wide range of scenarios for fleet refuelling as and when required.


European certified product
Flow rate: 3.15KG/h - 4.4 m3/hour at 15 degrees
Storage: 65 Kg / 90 m3
Refuelling: 17 Kg / 7min
Station capacity: 75 Kg/day
Storage capacity: 90 m3 at 200 bar (at 15 degrees)
Dimensions: 120 x 100 x 190 cm
Weight: 1250 kg empty, 1350 full
Gas inlet pressure: 17-25 mbar / 4-6 bar 


  • Storage reinforcement system
  • Non-moving parts in the compressor
  • Optimisation of space
  • Integral storage
  • Integrated refuelling hose
  • Proven and commercially available components
Hygen +

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