Public dispensing units

Designed for all types of service station, the PETROTEC public dispensers are unique in combining every type of fuel, biofuel, LPG and Ad-Blue. They comply with the current standards (MID, ATEX, etc.) and integrate all the functionalities required for the French and European markets.

An RV2 solution with closed loop monitoring, PTF 25-80 4 piston meters, a pump unit manufactured in house, hose return.

The units in the public range are compatible with the control systems used by PETROTEC, LAFON, ALX, HECTRONIC and other manufacturers.

The dispensers are delivered after the first inspection at the production facility and the initial periodic check. The products are guaranteed for 1 year.

Please contact us for a personalized costing for your model and the options you require.
Connection to control console is possible.

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