Repair of hydraulic subsets

Repair of hydraulic subsets

Pump units

Repair of hydraulic subsets

XL Techniques specializes in repair of hydraulic equipment designed for fluid transfer for the dispensing of fuel at service stations and depots. With more than 20 years’ experience in this field, XL Techniques has acquired know-how which is valued by its customers in France and Europe. Our ability to extend the life span of equipment without compromising on quality and performance represents the key to our success.

Our customers have found the XL Techniques solution to be an effective way of guaranteeing a top of the range service to their own customers by maintaining the profitability of their maintenance contracts. Finally, the nature of the business means that XL Techniques can offer product recovery and waste reduction. A full cycle which is our strength and our success.

XL Techniques repairs everything without exception and carries out regular studies on new products. Pump units, meters, nozzles, vapour recovery systems and transfer pumps are just some of the components for which the life span can be significantly extended.

We have the skills to refurbish the hydraulic equipment for your fuel depots.


The mission of XL Techniques is to combat obsolescence and extend the life span of your dispensers.

5 stages for a unique hydraulic repair service.

1/ Industrial Process:

Each component is fully dismantled and the seals and wearing parts are systematically replaced.

2/ Systematic inspection:

Each part is then meticulously inspected. Its surface condition, its measurements, identification of potential break points. Every out of spec. part is replaced.

3/ Test

Once reinstalled, the component goes to the bench where it will undergo a battery of tests to verify and guarantee the original specification. The meters are calibrated and given a clipper test label.

4/ Traceability

Each component is then identified, recorded and bagged. A warranty of up to 1 year is applied.

5/ Service

We offer short lead times, customer consignment stock, multibrand repairs, components > 15 years, shipment right across Europe.


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