Renovation of dispensers

Renovation of dispensers

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XL TECHNIQUES has developed a business activity designed for renovation of all brands of dispenser.

With our know-how on the hydraulic part and the metalwork and paintwork, we could ensure that the planning to develop this activity progressed smoothly, and we entered into a partnership with an electronic repair specialist in order to provide a full service. We renovate all types of dispensers, from the latest to the oldest (> 15 years). We employ teams of technicians and maintenance engineers who have the greatest expertise in all types of equipment and above all have detailed knowledge of the regulations and how a dispenser operates in its environment.

Our strength lies in total control of all the components that make up a dispenser. From replacing the hydraulics to installing a vapour recovery system with monitoring, we can extend the life of a piece of equipment even if it is obsolescent.

Before undertaking the renovation of a dispenser for which we will give a warranty of up to 1 year, we offer a quotation on the basis of a schedule, with a fixed part (the functional qualification) and a variable part to be selected by the customer according to need and budget. With à la carte renovation our customers can very quickly see whether the economic equation is viable.

An industrial renovation solution.

  • Hydraulic test bench with metrology gauge calibrated annually
  • Multibrand electronic test bench
  • RV2 test bench
  • Hydraulic repair
  • Supply of new nozzle (ELAFLEX dispenser)
  • Hose preparation (Certified by ELAFLEX for manufacture of COAX – RV2)
  • Access to Wayne, GVR, Tokheim, Petrotec spare parts
  • Paintwork, metalwork
  • Electricity
  • Multibrand renovation ( Tokheim, Gilbarco, Wayne, Petrotec, etc …).


To find out if the life of your dispenser can be extended, just send us the following information by e-mail:

  • Manufacture
  • Dispenser type
  • Starting date
  • RV2: Yes/No – Monitoring Yes/No
  • Photographs: Internal hydraulics / External / General view
  • Details of the condition

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