SGB leak detector

Station equipment

For monitoring of double wall tanks. The dry filter surveillance system prevents corrosion due to condensate accumulating in the control area. It warns the user in good time of the need to change the dry filter and thereby contributes in large measure to the longevity of the tanks and maintenance of their value.

The leak detector is suitable for monitoring of one or more underground tanks via a distribution strip, or of a surface tank.

Any leak occurring in either of the two walls is reliably indicated before the product stored can escape into the environment.

This leak detection system offers maximum protection of the environment, in accordance with European Standard EN 13160 Class I.

The suction line (located between the pump and the dry filter) houses a sensor designed to measure the humidity of the air intake. If the dehydration cartridge is worn, the sensor detects a change in the relative humidity. If the dehydrating power is inadequate, visual and audio warnings and a potential-free signal are triggered.

SGB leak detector

Installation instructions:

The leak detector must be installed away from explosive atmospheres.

If the leak detector is not located in a dry, enclosed area, it should be installed in a protective enclosure which is heated and protected from weather.

The pneumatic connection lines used must be designed in the form of tubes or hoses with a minimum outside diameter of 6 mm.

By using suitable accessories such as adaptors for tanks and distribution strips, simple and reliable installation can be guaranteed.

To allow for rapid functional inspection of the system, leak detector DL 330 FC is equipped with convenient taps.

Installation and commissioning must be carried out by qualified contractors in accordance with the product approval.

SGB leak detector

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